Java Properties Editor 3

The third version of popular tool for Java (J2SE & J2EE) applications localization and internationalization.

  • Correct ASCII symbols displaying and saving
  • Organizing multiple language files as table
  • Full tree of the project and Eclipse integration

Standalone application

Compatible with all versions of Windows, MacOS, Linux, BSD

screenshot program properties editor

Eclipse IDE plugin

Compatible with all Eclipse versions (Luna, Kepler, etc.) and it's forks

screenshot eclipse plugin

Java Properties Editor is designed to avoid problems with translating Java packages. It was developed to be comfortable and simple both for programmers and translators.

Free Download
Windows, Linux, MacOS, Eclipse versions


Packages tree

Project tree screenshot

All packages of your project are grouped in one project tree even if you prefer to use Java Properties Editor Standalone edition.

In Eclipse edition standard project explorer will be used.

Quick keys edit

Easely edit keys' values in the table, add new keys, remove any of them and use multiline editor from context menu using the toolbar.

Key ordering screenshot
Key ordering screenshot

Keys sorting

Three ways of key orderings are available for you: alphabetic, intellectual ("human sorting") and manual.

You will be satisfied with intellectual sorting, but you also can manually shuffle the lines.

Adding and renaming keys

Add new key dialog screenshot

Java Properties Editor has intelleactual keys naming algorithm which allows to add new keys supporting Eclipse-style enumeration. Actually it suggestes a new key with next number after dot.

Most of times you will just choose the name for the key, not type it using keyboard.

Adding and renaming languages

Add new language dialog screenshot

The add/rename language dialog contains full languages list to avoid mispellings.

Eclipse plugin

If you are a programmer and want to localize your software right from your IDE, use Java Properties Editor as Eclipse plugin. Follow simple installation instructions on Download page to install it.

Multiline editor

Edit in multiline editor any of your texts. All multiline string are displayed with cursive in the main table. You can simply call this editor using toolbar or context menu.


Preferences dialog will let you to choose font of your main table. In some cases this can help you to avoid problems with displaying some specific national characters. Read more about fonts on compatibility page


Simple searching all over all keys, keys' and comments using one text box. It will highlight all found cells and show you number of found items.

Free Download
Windows, Linux, MacOS, Eclipse versions